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Sar Wenni the Violet General
Legion damage: 820

Duel power: 203
Attack: 360
Defense: 250
Race gnome Gnome
Role ranged Ranged
Source agility Agility
Purple Rain: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each unique Violet Knight set item owned; Sar Wenni's Attack and Defense increase by 40 if Violet Storm is owned

"Do you believe in fate, %name%? I do. Violet's always been my favorite color -- and what place in the order did I get? Here's a clue... Look at the armor I'm wearing. Huh? No, it's not indigo! Indigo's more... more... you know... Hey, I'm not an artist. Anyway, you've met Meura, haven't you? She's the indigo one. This here's violet. Like the flowers." -- Sar Wenni the Violet
Obtained By:

Planet CoinLimited Time Item from 05/04/13 until 05/18/13 for 10 Planet Coins

Part of Violet Knight Set
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