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Sanguine Signet Rare Ring
Raid damage: 930

Duel power: 120
Attack: 190
Defense: 170
Perception: 125
Increases Energy by 10 and Stamina by 5; Additional 2 Energy and 1 Stamina for each piece of Bookkeeper of Blood equipment set equipped

Ring bookkeeper of blood
8. Little has been learned about the Bookkeepers since their assassinations began, though Marcus once discovered an ominous note on a clerk's body he found in the wilderness. All that was written on it was the name of Algenia, Duchess of the Blood Swamp, as well as her likeness. Closer examination revealed the note had been sealed with blood and then stamped with the symbol that is believed to represent their order.
Obtained By:

The Emerald Upstart (Adventure)

Part of Bookkeeper of Blood Set
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