Ruzzik the Slayer is the only boss encounter for Under the Hood (Area: Under the Hood). As with all bosses, Ruzzik the Slayer can also be battled in a raid with 4 available levels: Normal, Hard, Legendary and Nightmare.


Name Att Def AV Per Ability Obtained
Essence ruzzik Ruzzik the Slayer Essence Used to summon Ruzzik the Slayer (Raid) Ruzzik the Slayer quest boss
Citadel wizards tower Wizard's Tower Book This book allows you to construct the Wizard's Tower in your Citadel, and can be obtained by defeating Ruzzik the Slayer (quest version) on Normal difficulty. Quest: N Ruzzik the Slayer
Aeric Aeric 275 200 325 Red Leader: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each Ranged troop in the active legion; Increases Energy by 20 and Perception by 60 Quest Boss: Ruzzik the Slayer NM
Red hood ranger Red Hood Ranger 100 60 115 Red Hood Ranger gains 10 Attack and Defense if Aeric is in the legion Under the Hood Questing
Cape scrap brown Brown Cape Scrap Craft x2 Stat Points Under the Hood questing,
Ruzzik the Slayer
Cape scrap grey Grey Cape Scrap Craft x2 Stat Points Under the Hood questing,
Ruzzik the Slayer
Cape scrap green Green Cape Scrap Craft x2 Stat Points Under the Hood questing,
Ruzzik the Slayer
Cape scrap blue Blue Cape Scrap Craft x2 Stat Points Under the Hood questing,
Ruzzik the Slayer
Cape scrap purple Purple Cape Scrap Craft x2 Stat Points Under the Hood questing,
Ruzzik the Slayer
Cape scrap orange Orange Cape Scrap Craft x2 Stat Points Under the Hood questing,
Ruzzik the Slayer


Enter Battle

"What happened?" Mina asked. "Where is everyone?"

We rode into the camp, to the place where the bronze man and Teucer Tullian should have been waiting with hard eyes -- to cast me out in disgrace while mages laughed and jeered. It was almost empty.

The tents were still there, billowing in the breeze. But only a few handfuls of warriors sat around them.

"A beastman warband attacked Baerth," one of them said. "Marcus went after them. We got stuck here playing camp guards. Some folk have all the-"

Mina didn't say anything. She galloped past him.

And I rode after her.

A battle... When Mina von Richten told them that I wasn't a Red Hood, they'd send me away. But until then I could fight. I could avenge my sons, and all the other mothers whose children had died on bloody fields.

So I rode.

Mina didn't look back. And even if she had, she wouldn't have stopped. Not with the battle calling to her. With her friends in danger. Her horse was faster, but I pushed mine for all he was worth -- and I kept her in sight, a patch of rushing blackness and streaming red hair.

Great white banks of fog lay on the horizon. It was like the clouds had fallen from the sky and smothered the world. I cursed, because I knew I'd lose her when she disappeared into it. But then I heard the shouting voices and steel ringing on steel. The battle was in there.

I jumped off my horse at the edge of the fog, where white tendrils licked around the knees of people in robes. One of the spellcasters turned to me.

"It's no good!" he said. "We can't dispel it! Beastman sorcery!"

I nodded and pulled my sword out. Then I went into the whiteness, into the billowing clouds that drowned everything.

Screams and battle cries sounded all around me. I blundered about, trying to find my allies, to join them and fight alongside people I knew I wasn't worthy to walk amongst.

There were entire armies in the fog, scores and scores of warriors. But I wandered alone, lost even with the din raging all around me.

At last I stumbled out of the thickest clouds. And there he was. The bronze man. Sir Marcus, swinging his sword and slaying his enemies. I gazed at him. At the hero fighting for me, for my village, for the whole kingdom. And I knew that whatever happened, I would never regret that I'd worn my sister's cape.

My unworthy eyes had seen the bronze man in battle. It was enough.

I lifted my sword, and I would have stepped forward -- gone to his side and lent my blade to his. Struck at the beastmen, at the creatures that had killed my sons. Instead I froze. Because something came out of the fog. Something black. A hideous creature with thick fur and a long, swinging tail. And a sword in his hand.

Sir Marcus cut down the last of his foes. And I waited for him to turn his head and raise his blade, to attack the black beastman. But instead he lowered his guard -- as though the battle were over.

The beastman charged. He ran straight at the bronze man. And Sir Marcus still didn't turn. He didn't see death coming for him...


Ruzzik laughed. His sword, his wondrous blade, had dined well. He'd slaughtered every enemy who caught his eye -- delivered unseen doom to confused faces, vanished before his foes' gaze only to reappear and skewer them.

But this was his great prize. The head he'd been ordered to claim.

He ran at the blind, unheeding fool.


There was a flash of green cloth. A woman leapt at him.

Ruzzik didn't turn to her. He kept his eyes on the greater of his foes, and simply thrust with his blade. The beastman laughed when the enchanted steel thudded into her body -- cut deep into her breast.

Then the handle burned in his grasp.

Ruzzik howled. His head snapped round, and he stared at a familiar face.

Impossible... It was the woman he'd killed on the moors. The one he'd slain with her own magnificent sword.

There was a sound like breaking glass as the magic blade shattered. The woman, the twice-slain woman, collapsed. And Ruzzik was left gawping at a broken hilt.

A cry brought him back to his senses. He tossed the ruined artifact aside and drew his other weapons just in time to meet the bronze man's charge.


A woman lay on the ground, far, far below.

Perhaps it was me. Or maybe it was Arabella... My parents had never been able to tell us apart as children, save by the color of our dresses. But I sensed that it was me -- since everything grew fainter and fainter.

Before it faded I saw Sir Marcus one last time, driving his blade through the beastman's heart. And I smiled. But then they were gone.

The world vanished, because it was no longer mine. It belonged to the heroes and monsters. Perhaps another one waited for me, for all the thousands who fill the unmarked graves of forgotten wars...



Teucer approached through the parting mist, the dissipating white tendrils that slunk away along the ground like vanquished foes. The bronze man didn't turn his head. Marcus was crouched beside a woman's body.

"She saved my life," he said. "What was her name?"

"I... I don't know."

The nobleman looked around, as though hoping another might answer their leader. His gaze fell on Mina von Richten.

"She never told me," Mina said.

The vampiress glided over the white wisps. She knelt beside the woman, stroked her cheek with cold, pale fingers. Mina undid the emerald cape and slid the garment free. That hue was draining away from its folds, leaving rich scarlet in its wake. She laid it over the body.

"But we should bury her with this," Mina said. "She was a Red Hood Ranger..."


Ruzzik and the bronze man clashed amidst the billowing fog, while death waited to descend on he who would prove weaker.

Additional Info

  • Normal - 6500 HP, max damage ≥3107
  • Hard - 7800 HP, Max damage ≥3881
  • Legendary - 9750 HP
  • Nightmare - 13000 HP, max damage 4000
    • received 343-396 damage with 20,976 defense
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