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Roland Epic General
Legion damage: 300

Duel power: 97
Attack: 115
Defense: 175
Race human Human
Role tank Tank
Source strength Strength
Adventurer's Spirit: Increases Player's Attack and Defense (+24); Chance for Bonus Damage if Plundered Dungeon Sign is owned

Roland v2


His retirement ended by the draconic invasion, the aged adventurer has been at your side since the battle in Burden's Rest -- and has proven time and time again that his wits and blades are just as sharp as ever. With a weapon forged by Rogar in one hand, and Raknur's orange crystal sword in the other, he stands ready to face whatever dangers beset you.
Obtained By:

Upgrade Roland with Raknur's Sword, an occasional drop from Normal Bellarius the Guardian quest boss

Additional Info:

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  • Roland is a part of one recipe.
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