Tomb gargoyle


Riddler Gargoyle is the second boss encounter for Crypt of Caracalla (Area: The Bard, the Thief, and the Shaman). As with all bosses, Riddler Gargoyle can also be battled in a raid with 4 available levels: Normal, Hard, Legendary and Nightmare.


Name Att Def AV Per Ability Obtained
Essence tomb gargoyle Riddler Gargoyle Essence Used to summon Riddler Gargoyle (Raid) Riddler Gargoyle quest boss
Head tomb gargoyle Riddler Gargoyle's Head Used to craft Bracae Carae Riddler Gargoyle quest boss
Crypt of caracalla chest Chest of Caracalla Open to receive a lost treasure Ancient Skeleton (Mini Boss), Krugnug, Riddler Gargoyle, Leonine Watcher, Centurion Marius, Caracalla quest bosses
Emblem of caracalla purple Purple Emblem of Caracalla Craft x4 Stat Points Crypt of Caracalla quests and help requests
Emblem of caracalla orange Orange Emblem of Caracalla Craft x4 Stat Points Crypt of Caracalla quests and help requests
  • Emblems of Caracalla


Enter Battle

Three voices and a harp groan in melodic unison.

"Another one of the bloody things?"

A visage looms through the darkness at the end of the passage, a horned stone head illuminated by the familiar blueness burning within its orifices.

"Veni huc!" The voice is just as familiar in its grinding tones.

Torches burst into life, banishing the shadows and bathing the creature with orange radiance. The light reveals two doorways, each barred by a portcullis. It discloses something else as well...

"Strange," Dao says.

"That's... unusual," Medea agrees.

"Never heard of one with a sodding body before."

The demonic head, formed of grey stone, is attached to an equally hoart and fiendish body. Pteropine wings unfurl from its sculpted muscular frame, creaking and groaning with each movement of their petrified span. A long tail flicks on the floor, evoking the same noises -- sending an unpleasant grating shudder through their bones. Its hands and feet end in onyx claws that glimmer in the torchlight.

It speaks again, at greater length this time.

"Let me bleeding guess... It's threatening to kill us if we don't answer its blooming riddle?"


Dao makes a sound that reminds the women of a housecat's purr.

"Ask it how it will kill us," he says.

Gnome and elf stare at him.

"Indulge me..."

Medea shrugs her shoulders.

"Quomodo tu occidis?"

"Unguibus meis et dentes meis," the gargoyle replies.

"It kills with its teeth and claws."

The shaman's purr deepens.

"So its powers are based on physical violence," he says. "That means-"

"We can just smash the tosser to bits instead of answering its sodding riddle!"

The gargoyle's eyes narrow as they advance.


"Desine!" The gargoyle's voice is a stone shriek, the cacophony of rock scraping against rock at high speed. "Desine!"

Medea answers with a shriek of her own, a musical cry both lovely and piercing -- echoed, enveloped, and enhanced by her harp's strings. The wave of sound batters the creature. It flies backwards, clawed feet and frantic tail scratching the ground like fingers across a blackboard, and crashes against the wall. The cracks in its grey body, inflicted by the companions' weapons, widen. They reveal glowing cyan fissures beneath the graven surface of its flesh.

"Desine!" it rumbles. Its tone is so pathetic that the meaning is clear even to the gnome and felpuur.

"Here, hold on," Rissa says.

She tugs at Medea's arm. The moment the bard stops playing, the gargoyle falls onto its hands and knees.

"Say we'll let it go if it opens those blooming doors for us, and tells us which way the loot is."

The elf speaks in the ancient language. The gargoyle barks a single word in reply. There's a loud clanging, as the portcullises clatter upward. The creature points towards one of the unsealed entrances.

"Oh, and while you're bloody at it, ask it something else..." She gives a theatrical cough. "I was once buried in the sodding earth. Then fire gave me a new name and something blooming better to do. Now I'm cock of the bleeding walk. Earth and every other bloody thing gets taken and given because of me. What am I?"

Medea raises an eyebrow, but once more words flow from her lips.

"Pecunia!" the gargoyle says.

"He says 'money'."

"Wrong answer, mate. It's gold! Give us another song, love!"

Medea's hand sweeps across the strings. Her mouth unleashes a fresh burst of lethality.



Additional Info

  • Normal - 3500 HP, Max Damage ≥ 2634          deals circa 650 over 1,2k  def
  • Hard - 4200 HP, Max Damage ≥ 2604
  • Legendary - 5250 HP, Max Damage ≥ 3478
  • Nightmare - 7000 HP, Max Damage ≥ 3243
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