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Riddle Master's Helmet Helm
Raid damage: 293

Duel power: 47
Attack: 51
Defense: 89
Perception: 100
Riddle Me This: Chance for bonus raid damage

Helm riddlemasters
For seven days and seven nights did Numbers sit and ponder the clues laid out before him by the divine trickster. His unshakable perseverance, his unyielding determination, so impressed his dwarven companions that they took to calling him RockCastellum - he whose mind is like the stone. At last his dedication was rewarded. He broke the ciphers, unraveled the riddled, and laid his hands on the eldrich power which he would bestow upon his magnificent bulwark. In honor of that great triumph, the awestruck dwarves made him this helm.
Obtained By:

Planet CoinLimited Time Item 20 PC from 6/10/11 until 6/24/11


The ability is a reference to The Riddler's catchphrase.

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