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Reymond the Swift General
Legion damage: 1200

Duel power: 333
Attack: 500
Defense: 500
Race felpuur Felpuur
Role special Special
Source special Special
Post Haste: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage if Courier's Ring is owned; Extra damage for each unique Mount owned; Reymond the Swift gains 25 Attack and Defense for each Courier's Steed, Courier's Sail, or Courier's Wing owned (MAX: 5 each); Reymond the Swift gains 3 Attack and Defense for each unique mount owned

Reymond the swift
It is not common for a felpuur to display mastery of sailing and reading tides, let alone horsemanship and the proper care of exotic winged mounts, but Reymond has always had a knack for staying in a saddle or towing a line. It's a knack that has served him well, and when an important message or parcel has a long way to go in a short amount of time Reymond's name is sure to be heard.
Obtained By:

Swift Courier Bag


Reymond the swift big

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