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Resurrection Feet Boots
Raid damage: 4400

Duel power: 567
Attack: 900
Defense: 800
What Do We Say: 13% chance to deal 40,000 damage; Extra 10,000 damage for each unique piece of Resurrection set equipped; Extra 500,000 damage against Undead raids; Extra 5% damage against Undead raids; 17% chance to discover a Tombstone on hit when complete set is worn against non-Guild related Undead raids

Resurrection set boots

Resurrection set boots f

"Never let the soldiers get too close to you. When they are on the ground with one foot in this world and one in the next, their hope will be focused entirely on you. In that moment they don't need to know that you are very excited about the progress you are making in sewing. They need to know that you can save them." -- Page 14, Battle Manual of the Life Guard
Obtained By:

Planet CoinExpeditions October 2016 Relic Pack

Part of Resurrection Set