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Qwiladrian Hybrid Head Epic Helm
Raid damage: 3200

Duel power: 367
Attack: 700
Defense: 400
KANEDAAA: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each piece of Qwiladrian Hybrid set equipped; Extra damage against Qwiladrian raids; Extra damage against Dragon raids

Helm qwiladrian hybrid

Helm qwiladrian hybrid f

"One assumes the intellect of the Qwiladrian creations is sorely lacking, as they are incapable of reason and communicate through hisses and bellows. If there was any intelligence in their eyes, it has long been buried by madness." -- Qwiladrian Test Subject, Notes and Observations
Obtained By:

Grotesque Hybrid (Raid)

Part of Qwiladrian Hybrid Set


  • Qwiladrian Hybrid Head is a part of 6 recipes.

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