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Qwiladrian Hybrid Drake Epic Mount
Raid damage: 4000

Duel power: 483
Attack: 850
Defense: 600
KANEDAAA: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each piece of Qwiladrian Hybrid set equipped; Extra damage against Qwiladrian raids; Extra damage against Dragon raids

Mount qwiladrian hybrid drake
"The horrible creatures that have crawled from the vats and do not immediately exhibit an insane murderous rage have proved to be cooperative, even docile. One wonders if the Qwiladrians were using their abhorrent magics to grow a slave race of dragons for their own purposes." -- Qwiladrian Test Subject, Notes and Observations
Obtained By:


Part of Qwiladrian Hybrid Set


  • Qwiladrian Hybrid Drake is a part of one recipe.
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