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Quiver of Taming unique Armament
Raid damage: 168000

Duel power: 23333
Attack: 35000
Defense: 35000
Armament relic Relic
Clear Shot: 5% chance to deal 7% damage; Extra 1% damage for each Hound of Lyrpan or Thunder Liger Alpha owned (MAX: 10 each); Gains 280 Attack for each Thunder Liger Alpha owned (MAX: 10); Gains 560 Defense if Hound of Lyrpan is owned (MAX: 10); Increases Legion Power Bonus by 38%

Relic quiver of taming
Arrows placed inside this quiver for over twenty four hours are transformed through a series of magical runes and incantations. The arrows will cease to be lethal and will instead tether their target physically while weakening their mental resolve.
Obtained By:

Exotic Beasts Chest

Additional Info:

Shares an image with the Clash of the Dragons Lyria's Quiver.

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