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Quadfecta Epic Legion

20 Generals: 5 Melee, 5 Ranged, 5 Tank, 5 Healer
60 Troops: 15 Melee, 15 Ranged, 15 Tank, 15 Healer
11 Armaments: 3 Relic, 5 Siege, 3 Support
Power Bonus: 350%

Traditional Composition: 10% chance to deal 50,000 damage; Extra 20,000 damage for each Melee, Ranged, Tank or Healer troop in the legion
Legion 3
Tanks to absorb the damage of your foes.

Healers to mend the wounds of your allies.

Ranged warriors to strike down your enemies.

Melee warriors to stand in fire and ensure your healers are never bored.

Obtained By:

Gauntlet Shop: 20Collection gauntlet token


  • Quadfecta is a part of one recipe.
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