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Prey Seeker's Prize unique Armament
Raid damage: 8800

Duel power: 1000
Attack: 2000
Defense: 1000
Armament relic Relic
Increases Legion Power by 40%; Gains 30 Attack and Defense for each Bloodhawk owned; Increases Player's Attack and Defense against Beast raids by 2,000

Relic prey seekers prize

Sasha cut a shallow, jagged gash on her leg to join hundreds more. A scarred mark to commemorate another successful hunt. In a few years she would pass down the honor of her title to another to continue the traditions of her people. It was their way, and she filled her lungs with the wild air of her surroundings and with a satisfied exhale, she gave the command to return to their village.

Obtained By:

Planet CoinExpeditions November 2017 New Item Pack

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