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Prey Seeker's Blessings Helm
Raid damage: 16000

Duel power: 2083
Attack: 3250
Defense: 3000
Perception: 2500
The Endless Hunt: 50% chance to deal 30,000 damage; Extra 10% damage against Beast raids; Increases critical hit chance against Beast raids by 2%; 10% chance to discover a Hunting Trophy on hit when complete set except Helm, Ring, Neck and Mount are worn against non-Guild related Beast raids; Set 7: Increases critical hit chance by 1%

Prey seeker helm

Prey seeker helm f


The great bird surveyed the area. It was thick with trees and bushes, but it could see movement in the distance. The party was close now and Yargith swooped down back to its master. It sent images to Sasha of what it had witnessed and she smiled. She fed Yargith a piece of meat as a reward and placed the hood back on its head. To her hunters she signalled with her hands that their prey was near.

Obtained By:

Planet CoinExpeditions November 2017 New Item Pack

Part of Prey Seeker Set
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