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Preserved Snowman's Feet Epic Boots
Raid damage: 19000

Duel power: 2433
Attack: 3900
Defense: 3400
Well Preserved: 20% chance to deal 65,000 damage; Exta 20,000 damage for each piece of Preserved Snowman set worn; Increases Energy and Honor by 200

Preserved snowman boots
V. As the townsfolk gathered in the street around the mage's corpse, one of the snowmen appeared above, on the roof of the tower. He revealed Rickolar's plot, and the justice which had befallen him. So the people cheered, and from that day forth they wore costumes each winter festival, in honor of the snowmen.
Obtained By:


Part of Preserved Snowman set


  • Preserved Snowman's Feet is a part of one recipe.
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