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Polar Beastman Illusion Feet Epic Boots
Raid damage: 2100

Duel power: 275
Attack: 425
Defense: 400
With My Bear Hands: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each piece of Polar Beastman Illusion set equipped; Extra damage for each unique piece of Frost Elemental Illusion set owned; Extra damage against Undead Raids; Extra damage against Campaigns

Boots polar beastman illusion

Boots polar beastman illusion f

"I have sent a number of my research assistants to attempt to recover artifacts from the battlefield and return them for sorting and classification. The attrition rate of this endeavor has been high, albeit informative." -- Haimish, War Historian
Obtained By:

The Frozen War

Part of Polar Beastman Illusion Set
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