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Penitent Epic General
Legion damage: 3000

Duel power: 767
Attack: 1300
Defense: 1000
Race construct Construct
Role tank Tank
Source strength Strength
Of Bone and Claw: 15% chance to deal 20,000 damage; Extra 500,000 damage against Dragon raids; Penitent gains 50 Attack and Defense and an extra 20,000 base damage for each Dragon Skull owned

Penitent general
A startling sight, Penitent was created using the bones of various drakes and dragons to create a powerful weapon of war. Occasionally as you glance at the construct you can feel a sense of agony and grief wash over you, but as quickly as those feelings visit they retreat. You note that Penitent always seems to be staring back at you in those moments. What has this creature endured to be standing before you as it does now?
Obtained By:

Dealing at least 10m to Desisaav's Citadel (World Raid)

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