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Panoptica the Omniscient Angel Legendary General
Legion damage: 2400

Duel power: 667
Attack: 1000
Defense: 1000
Perception: 400
Race angel Angel
Trans16 Any
Trans16 Any
Eternal Watcher: Chance for bonus damage based on your Perception; Increases Player's Perception by 400; Additional 200 Perception if Panoptica is in the active legion; Additional 30 Perception for each Omniscient Orc Angel in the active legion and 35 Perception for each Omniscient Felpuur Angel in the active legion; Increases Player's Stamina by 1 for each Omniscient Orc Angel in the active legion; Increases Player's Energy by 2 for each Omniscient Felpuur Angel in the active legion; Gains 80 Attack and Defense if Panoptica is owned; Gains 10 Attack and Defense for each unique piece of Golden Garden, Panoptica, and Omniscient Angel equipment set owned; (Passive) Boosts the power of all your legions by 15%

Panoptica the omniscient angel
A mighty conflict took place before her many eyes. Among its blood and carnage, she witnessed countless sins. The wicked robbed the dying. They hid when the enemies came, waited for braver men and women to fall in battle, then crept out to pillage their homes. Panoptica recorded those names. They would be punished for their crimes, if not in this world then in the next.

But the Drake War revealed many virtues as well. Untrained peasants took up arms to protect their brethren. Warriors hurled themselves into battle and died so others might live. Healers worked long into the night, dragging their weary bodies from patient to patient. Even children toiled away, comforting younger siblings, mending their parents' weapons and armor. All that was best in the world came to the fore. And she wrote it all down.

The battles are over. But there's still so much to see, so many good deeds and sins that must come to the gods' attention. So Panoptica flies, gazes, and records. Such is the nature of her eternal life.

Obtained By:

Perception Rewards (70k+)

Part of Omniscient Angel Set
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