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Outlaw's Patch Epic Helm
Raid damage: 8327

Duel power: 944
Attack: 1832
Defense: 999
Perception: 555
Outlaw With a Cause: 16% chance to deal 15,000 damage; Extra 50,000 damage against Campaigns; Extra 50,000 damage against Black Hand Raids; Increases Honor by 100

Outlaws set helm
While followers of Hlaar aren't entirely uncommon, you've never encountered one who can wield shadows in the way these soldiers are describing. The more they talk you learn that the shadows seem to cling to this elf's very skin, as if it were a living part of him. You consult your priests and clerics but they're as baffled as you are.
Obtained By:


Part of Outlaw Set


  • Outlaw's Patch is a part of one recipe.
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