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Outlaw's Boots Epic Boots
Raid damage: 8327

Duel power: 944
Attack: 1832
Defense: 999
Perception: 555
Outlaw With a Cause: 16% chance to deal 15,000 damage; Extra 50,000 damage against Campaigns; Extra 50,000 damage against Black Hand Raids; Increases Honor by 100

Outlaws set boots

Outlaws set boots f

Liann flexes her wings, feeling comfortable enough given the current circumstances not to hide them under a cloak. "You seem lost in thought," she observes. You nod slowly before giving your response. "I'm just considering our options is all. Have you heard of anything quite like this Shadow Lord before?" She frowns and looks out over the fortified walls of the bandit's camp.

"No. Not quite. There have been plenty of would-be-sorcerer-lords of course but none that control shadow energy as these soldiers are describing. It's possible these are simply illusions being used to intimidate or inspire the Shadow Lord's forces." You consider her words and do note that you haven't encountered any magically gifted individuals within the Black Hand Bandit forces. Perhaps Liann is right.

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Part of Outlaw Set


  • Outlaw's Boots is a part of one recipe.
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