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Orveto, the Peacebringer General
Legion damage: 2622

Duel power: 718
Attack: 1100
Defense: 1055
Race human Human
Role tank Tank
Source strength Strength
Rest in Peace: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each unique piece of Peacebringer set owned; Extra damage if Avignon is owned; Extra damage against Undead raids; Orveto, the Peacebringer gains 50 Attack and Defense for each unique piece of Peacebringer's set owned; Chance to discover an Emblem of Caracalla on hit against non-Guild related Undead raids; Provides a 50% legion special power bonus while in The Burial Crew legion

Orveto the peacebringer
Many misunderstand the motivation of the leader of the Burial Crew, assuming that he hates and despises the undead.

To the contrary, Orveto feels nothing but pity and compassion for those his compatriots hunt, wishing only to put them to the rest that they have been denied by their unnatural condition.

Obtained By:

Planet CoinLimited Time Item October 2015 for 30Planet Coin

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