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Orc Firelord's Lantern Main Hand
Raid damage: 1600

Duel power: 193
Attack: 340
Defense: 240
Fun with Fire: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each Orc Firelord's Lantern owned (Max: 5); Extra damage if the Orc Firelord's Shield is equipped; Chance to consume a Firelord's Flame and inflict extra damage

Main orc firelord
"There is orc myth about fire. Humans had it, so we killed them and took it. Good story." -- Mardu the Firelord
Obtained By:

Orc Firelord's Chest Planet CoinLimited Time Item November 22th - November 27th, 2013 for Planet Coin20

Part of Orc Firelord's Set
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