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Omniscient Angel's Boots Legendary Boots
Raid damage: 1100

Duel power: 167
Attack: 200
Defense: 300
Perception: 700
Sight of the Gods: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each additional Omniscient Angel item equipped; Extra damage based on the Player's Perception; Increases Energy by 70

Boots omniscient angel

Boots omniscient angel f

"Galatea learned to feel -- to harbor love and sorrow in the heartless marble of her breast -- too late to be loved in turn. Now she walks a mournful and lonely path. Yet she puts her sadness aside, healing all those who come to her, though most see her as little more than a statue.

Recommended judgment: That the world be made to see her as she truly is."

-- Panoptica's report to the gods

Obtained By:


Part of Omniscient Angel Set


  • Omniscient Angel's Boots is a part of one recipe.
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