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Olaf the Metal-Faced Bard Epic General
Legion damage: 238

Duel power: 72
Attack: 95
Defense: 120
Race human Human
Role healer Healer
Source agility Agility
Magic in the Metal: Increases Player's Attack and Defense (+19)

Olaf is a curious bard. He refuses to sing without his 'metal face' on, and once threatened to burn down a dining hall when this helm went missing. Nevertheless, his music is popular, and he is renowned across Nordent for such songs as "My Love for You is Like a Drunk Berserker".
Obtained By:

Crafted from Brown, Grey, Green, Blue, Purple and Orange Lutes. Lutes are obtained from Gunnar the Berserk (Raid), Nidhogg (Raid), Kang-Gsod (Raid), Ulfrik (Raid), Kalaxia (Raid)


The description "My Love for You is Like a Drunk Berserker," is a reference to the song Berserker, from the film Clerks. His ability is also a lyric from the Manowar song Metal Warriors.


  • Olaf the Metal-Faced Bard is a part of one recipe.
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