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Oculus Occult Foresight Epic Ring
Raid damage: 1800

Duel power: 560
Attack: 375
Defense: 300
Strabismus: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each unique Oculus Occult item owned; Extra damage against Magical Creatures; PvP Bonus: +335 power

Ring occulus occult
8. When Chandra looked at Theo's blood blossoming onto the floor, she saw a vision of what could have been: of her and Theo escaping the Occult together, far away where they could live in peace. They would have children, a boy and girl, they raise them, nurture them, become a family living in love, being in love, growing old as they flourished forever and ever.

But now that dream was gone, severed from the moment, and becoming the catalyst of her evolution. She now saw the nightmare, the twisted ugly truth of the world. Then she saw herself changing, becoming reality, becoming stronger, fueled by the rage burning in her heart, purifying her focus, seeing beyond the present and into the future.

And before the Visionary could react, Chandra teleported in front of her with a thumb pressed onto her eye.

"I see now that love isn't an illusion. I also see that your future," she assured, "is death."

Chandra pressed her thumb down with fatal force.

Obtained By:

Planet CoinCurrent Expeditions

Part of Oculus Occult Set
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