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Niraina's Trident Legendary Main Hand
Raid damage: 4050

Duel power: 525
Attack: 825
Defense: 750
Shard of Heaven: 15% chance to deal 25,000 damage; Extra 675,000 damage against Abyssal raids; Extra 475,000 damage against Terror raids; Extra 175,000 damage against Guild raids; Extra 375,000 damage against Campaigns

Main nirainas trident
Niraina's Trident is a weapon as old as the world, fashioned from the shards of a fallen god's sword. It was last wielded by Niraina in the age of heroes, and lost as he was to the fury of the First Terror. Ever since it has been nothing more than a half-remembered legend, the same as its wielder.

Now, as the terrors rise again, the trident has resurfaced with them. But does it foretell victory over the deep, or is it an omen of something darker yet waiting to awaken?

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  • Niraina's Trident is a part of one recipe.
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