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Night Hunter's Cape Chest
Raid damage: 2100

Duel power: 300
Attack: 400
Defense: 500
Night Bite: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each Night Hunter's Cape owned (Max: 5); Extra damage for each piece of Night Hunter's set equipped; Extra damage against Undead raids; Increases Player's Attack by 150 and Defense by 100; Additional 30 Player Attack and Defense per unique piece of Night Hunter's set owned; Additional 50 Player Attack and 60 Player Defense for each Night Hunter's Cape owned (Max: 5)

Chest night hunter

Chest night hunter f

You've come to enjoy capes. Nothing makes a hero look more heroic or a villain more villainous than a good cape or cloak. If you're feeling dramatic, they can blow in the wind (with the aid of a cleric of Rensha, if needed). And if you're feeling dark and broody, you can drape them around yourself. The only problem arises when they get caught on something -- since getting dragged to the ground by your neck can somewhat ruin the impression you're trying to make.
Obtained By:

Unlocking the Locked Vampiric Lockbox

Part of Night Hunter Set