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Nemler's Guard Helmet Epic Helm
Raid damage: 420

Duel power: 60
Attack: 80
Defense: 100

Helm nemlers guard
I. Eumarus Bloodwyn sneered when his son told him how much he admired adventurers. "They're nothing but the dregs of society," he said, "low born miscreants who can't stand honest labor and accept their stations in life as good peasants should. Adventurers! A fine word for criminals who make their way in the world by trespassing in crypts and dungeons. Do they spare a thought to who might own them? Whose ancestral lands they may be on? No! They just smash the doors down like savage ruffians, and steal anything that catches their damned greedy eyes! Looters and pillagers, that's all they are. Murderers too, as often as not. And they have the audacity to think their stolen wealth gives them the right to associate with their betters!'
Obtained By:

Possible drop from The Baroness quest boss

Part of Nemler's Guard Set
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