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Necro-Lord's Robe Epic Chest
Raid damage: 2530

Duel power: 343
Attack: 500
Defense: 530
Lord of the Dead: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage per piece of Necro-Lord's set worn; Extra damage against Magical Creature raids; Extra damage against Undead raids; Extra damage and 16 Energy for each unique piece of Dark Pankration set owned

Chest necrolord

Chest necrolord f

"If you wear black robes with skulls on them, everyone thinks you're evil," Chai says. "I'll be walking through town, on my way to buy some milk, and novice adventurers will jump out at me yelling, 'Die, spawn of darkness!' or something just as trite."

"Maybe you should get new clothes?" you say.

She smiles.

"Why? After I kill the little fools, in lawful self-defense, I get to keep their bodies if no one else claims them."

Part of Necro-Lord Set
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