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Mortharu the Light-Fingered unique Troop
Legion damage: 1080

Duel power: 400
Attack: 600
Defense: 600
Race orc Orc
Trans16 Any
Trans16 Any
Heavy Hand, Light Fingers: Mortharu the Light-Fingered gains 5 Attack and Defense for every unique Gloves owned; Mortharu the Light-Fingered has a chance to create a Collection item from a small list of possible items; (Passive) When looting a raid Mortharu the Light-Fingered increases the number of items you receive from the Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic pools by 1 each

During his first visit to a human city, Mortharu went into a tavern, ordered a flagon of ale, then reached for his belt to pay the bill. But the pouch he kept there was gone. This led to an unfortunate misunderstanding with the barkeep, which Mortharu was forced to settle by throwing the woman out of the nearest window. More importantly, it impressed the orc. To think that someone could snatch the money from his waist without him even noticing!

He wandered around the slums, and hit disreputable looking people until they directed him to the likely pickpocket. That thief -- a young human girl -- was perturbed when a hulking orc confronted her. Though once he explained that he wasn't going to brutally slaughter her, but instead wanted to learn her craft, she exhaled and agreed to teach him. And after months of tutelage, Mortharu became a capable pickpocket.

Those of a more cynical disposition do sometimes suggest, outside his earshot, that people can't possibly fail to notice a massive orc brushing against them and snatching their money. They reckon his success is more likely due to the fact that no one wants to pick a fight with a greenskin who looks as though his hobbies include murdering and dismembering people with his bare hands. But be that as it may, Mortharu is quite satisfied with his prowess as a thief.

Obtained By:

Planet CoinLimited Time Item 07/26/14 - 08/08/14 for 100Planet Coin

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Scroller mortharu

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