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Moon Tears Epic unique Armament
Raid damage: 3720

Duel power: 517
Attack: 775
Defense: 775
Armament relic Relic
Remorse: 6% chance to deal 6,500 damage; Extra 150 damage for each Wisdom troop in the active legion; Gains 10 Attack and Defense for each Wisdom troop in the active legion; Increases Player's Attack and Defense by 500; Increases Legion Power by 10%

Relic moon tears
Found only in small pools during a full moon, this liquid is highly prized among wizards for its magical potency. One drop from this vial accounts for many ounces of other various liquids and harmonizes with the arcane much more easily than other known catalysts.
Obtained By:

Citadel: Siege Workshop Level 2

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