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Monster-Breeder Chest Consumable

Each Monster-Breeder Chest contains an item from the list of contents displayed at the bottom of the pop-up window (double-click to view).
Monster breeder chest
"Yes. Very funny. You can make jokes about the name of my profession all you want, but when you've stopped laughing and want a trained creature to guard your fortress or carry you in battle, come and see me." -- Gertie the Monster-Breeder
Obtained By:

Planet CoinLimited Time Item from March 21 2015 - March 25th 2015 for 20 Planet Coins

Additional Info:


Previously released: Planet CoinLimited Time Item from November 21 2014 - November 26th 2014 for 20 Planet Coins


  • Monster-Breeder Chest is a part of one recipe.