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Monster-Breeder Troop
Legion damage: 270

Duel power: 100
Attack: 150
Defense: 150
Race goblin Goblin
Role special Special
Source strength Strength
Monster-Breeder gains 1 Attack for each Goblin Troop in the active legion; Monster-Breeder gains 1 Attack and 1 Defense for each Monster Breeder in the active legion; Monster-Breeder gains 15 Attack if Gertie the Monster-Breeder is in the active legion

Monster breeder
"Sometimes dirty little scrotes come here and ask for a job. Then I find out they're perverts, just looking to have their way with a unicorn! I'd give them a good kicking, but the unies do a better job of it themselves. I throw the bodies to the wyverns." -- Gertie the Monster-Breeder
Obtained By:

Monster-Breeder Chest