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Currently available PVP battles are

  • Duel - 1 on 1 Battles against players in your level and rank ranges (-4 to +4 ranks), using your currently equipped items, excluding mount - available from the PVP tab
  • Skirmish - is a section of PVP where you battle other players using your Army and equipment.
  • Joust - 1 on 1 Battles using Honor points (1 per attack) - Using personal stats and equipment, including mount - available from the PVP tab
  • Colosseum - 4v4 battles (this varies on how many friends you have in your team the max is 4 members in one team), assign your army members and equip them with your gear (by clicking there respective images) and then battle other teams for Colosseum points based on your level and rank (-6 to +6 ranks) - available from the PVP tab