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Nezpol the Magmamancer Epic General
Legion damage: 1710

Duel power: 472
Attack: 715
Defense: 700
Race goblin Goblin
Role ranged Ranged
Source intellect Intellect
"Spit It Out!": Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each Goblin Magmamancer in active legion; Extra damage if in Eruption

There are Necromancers, Pyromancers, Vomomancers, Starmancers and Aeluromancers. Then there are Magmamancers, arcane spellcasters who are able create molten liquid from the fluids of their own bodies, whether it be spit, snot or palm sweat. Nezpol is the original conjurer of Magmamancy, and continues to experiment different ways of expelling molten magma.
Obtained By:

Monsters and Magma

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