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Endless Dawn Shield Off Hand
Raid damage: 38500

Duel power: 4833
Attack: 8000
Defense: 6500
Vigilance, Eternal (Shield): 13% Chance for 200,000 bonus damage; Extra 20,000 damage for each unique Endless Dawn item owned; Extra 465% damage vs Dragon raids; Increases critical hit chance against Dragon raids by 3%

Shield endless dawn

She had served with him since the Dragon War had ended. Faithfully following him into his relentless conquest to secure safety for the world. His former life of depravity long forgotten as he had pushed and clawed to drive any demonic threat from Tor'gyyl. All of that was going to change now. One hand left the hilt of his blade to clutch at the blood dripping from his side.

Obtained By:


Part of Endless Dawn Set


  • Endless Dawn Shield is a part of one recipe.
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