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Bounty Hunter's Ring Epic Ring
Raid damage: 1201

Duel power: 183
Attack: 257
Defense: 173
Manhunter: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each additional Bounty Hunter item equipped; PvP Bonus: +40 power

Ring bounty hunter
8. Caleb let them blunder towards him, making no effort to hide. A smile flickered beneath his mask when a snap and scream heralded the triggering of a trap and the breaking of a leg. Another bandit tripped in his haste, desperate to stop himself from suffering the same fate as his companion. Fortune was his enemy that night. His head landed in a second of the steel-jawed traps. This time the crunch was accompanied by a wet, splatting noise. There was no scream. The rest were more cautious, but not cautious enough. More traps and projectiles. More dead bandits. Soon only the oroc was left.
Obtained By:

Bounty Hunter Chest

Part of Bounty Hunter's Set
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