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Bernard Bronzefist's Mark Ring
Raid damage: 1640

Duel power: 215
Attack: 332
Defense: 312
Dwarves!: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each additional Bernard Bronzefist set item equipped; Additional damage for each Dwarf troop in your legion

Ring bronzefist
"Get out of my pub!" the barkeep exclaimed.

"What? Why?" Bernard Bronzefist roared.

"Last night you got pissed out of your skull and punched me in the face!"

"I don't remember that. It must have been another dwarf."

The barkeep glared and pointed at his cheek. Bernard leaned closer, and saw a perfect imprint of his ring.

"Huh," the dwarf grunted. "If you're going to wear my mark like that, you'll give me a discount!"

Obtained By:

Bernard Bronzefist’s Locker

Part of Bernard Bronzefist's Set
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