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Anselm's Ring Ring
Raid damage: 28600

Duel power: 3133
Attack: 6400
Defense: 3000
The Fallen: 10% chance to deal 120,000 damage; Extra 24,000 damage for each Anselm's Set item worn; Extra 30% damage vs Demon raids; increases critical hit chance against Demon raids by 1%

Anselms set ring
VIII. "I needed a way to help. To defend our kind. The gods were apparently unavailable as they did not answer my call. I had to find a more reliable partner. It has been a beneficial arrangement so far. With a few minor drawbacks." His blade gestured to the corpses turning to ash all around them.

"Come, I would like to see what you've done with the library, now that you are in charge you must have changed quite a bit."

Obtained By:

Planet CoinExpeditions New Item Pack

Part of Anselm's Set
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