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Medea Special General
Legion damage: 88

Duel power: 27
Attack: 35
Defense: 45
Race elf Elf
Role healer Healer
Source agility Agility
Medea's Melody: Increases Player's Attack and Defense (+15); Chance for bonus damage if Elven Bard's Harp is owned

Medea v2


Medea is one of the famed elven bards, warrior-musicians who wield both song and steel in combat. The melodies from her harp can turn the tide of a battle, inspiring her allies and filling them with the strength and courage to triumph.
Obtained By:

Medea can be obtained by completing the quest The Elven Bard in Elven Caravan, the first area of Faedark Valley.

Additional Info:

Can be upgraded to Medea2

Web VersionRecipe

  • Medea is a part of one recipe.

Mobile Version Recipe

  • Medea is a part of one recipe.
Medea Generals
Medea v2
Xalis harp
Medea v2
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