Mazalu is the second boss encounter for Burden's Rest. As with all bosses, Mazalu can also be battled in a raid with 4 available levels: Normal, Hard, Legendary and Nightmare.


Name Att Def AV Per Ability Obtained
Essence scorpionman Mazalu Essence Used to summon Mazalu (Raid) Mazalu quest boss
Shield barrellid Barrel Lid 0 10 3 Quest boss - Mazalu
Midashand Midas' Touch Attacks by any raid member have a 5% chance to obtain 100% additional gold Quest bosses - Mazalu and General Grune
Legion 1 Strike Quest Boss - Chieftain Horgrak, Mazalu, and General Grune


Enter battle

The monsters fall back before your assault, until you're almost at the great pink globe which drew your gaze earlier. Once again you feel your eyes are drawn to it. You sense its power.

A twisted creature, its torso like that of a man but its lower body that of a huge scorpion, stands next to the sphere. He places his hand against it as you saw the Ogre do earlier. You're so close that you can see his eyes glaze over as he makes contact. The he pulls the hand away and his malevolent eyes focus on you. He points in your direction and yells. The other monsters roar in answer and redouble their efforts, fighting even more ferociously than before.

The scorpion-man scrambles towards you, his pincer snipping at the air and his spear thrusting at your throat.


The scorpion-man finally collapses, two of his spindly legs snapping beneath him. Around you your companions are finishing off the other monsters, but you barely notice them. Once more you feel drawn to the pink sphere. You step towards it and press your hands against its surface. It feels smooth, warm and-

Burden's Rest is gone, stripped away like the dying fragments of a dream. There is only darkness, a great void on all sides. Two blue lights appear before you, suspended in the air, burning in the air, burning like a fire? No... Not lights. Eyes. A dragon emerges from the void, a huge black creature somehow darker than the darkness itself. it glares at you, its emotions inscrutable behind those blazing eyes. Scaly talons are clawing at your mind...

You pull your hand away and you're back in the town. The darkness and the dragons are gone, you have little understanding of magic but even your untutored mind realizes that the globe has a connection with that creature, that it somehow allowed the Ogre and the scorpion-man to commune with it.

You swing your weapon at the glowing sphere, eager to destroy it before it can cause any further harm. But though it looks fragile, as if it was made of glass, it does not shatter under your blow, only a small crack appears in its surface. You stand back exhausted and watch the network of cracks spread across the sphere. The glow within it dies, fading out like the last embers of fire.

Pieces fall from it, like... like the shell of an egg.

A blue reptilian foot crashes through the surface, clawing away a big section of the shell. Another follows. Then a snout, a miniature version of the one you saw in your vision, but for its color. A few seconds more and a dragon whelp stands before you. Shaking the last pieces of its egg from its scaled hide. Its curious eyes fix on yours and holds your gaze for a moment. The the beast lunges. You hastily raise your weapon, but its not going for you.

You look to the side and see the scorpion-man's pincer just inches from your leg. The dragon's jaws are clamped around it, thwarting the strike. Another snap of its azure jaws and the scorpion-man finally succumbs to death.

The dragon whelp looks up as it seeking your approval. Your companions stands behind you, clearly unsure of what to do. Silence reigns in the square, a stark contrasts to the clamorous battle waged there mere minutes ago. Then a voice from the crowd breaks it.

"The Children... We sent them into the keep when those things attacked."

The image of the ogre heading to the keep flashes in your mind. You instruct some of your followers to keep and eye on the dragon, and lead the others towards the building. You hope you aren't too late...


The scorpion-man's assault from spear, claw, and barbed-tail prove overwhelming, You fall back amongst your companions to catch your breath.

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