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Mathala's Sabatons Legendary Boots
Raid damage: 1650

Duel power: 495
Attack: 330
Defense: 330
Perception: 250
What the Gods Throw Out: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each Magenta Fire Ember owned; Chance to create a Magenta Fire Ember; PvP Bonus: +275 Power, +50 Damage

Boots mathalas sabatons
The goddess of weapons and warfare was proud of her mighty panoply, which blazed with bloody fire. Thus she was not best pleased when Rassys snuck into her chambers and turned their flames pink and purple instead. The wrathful deity hurled the armor out of heaven, scattering it across the mortal world. Adventurers have hunted for it ever since.
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  • Mathala's Sabatons is a part of one recipe.
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