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Master Polymath's Head Epic Helm
Raid damage: 13800

Duel power: 1725
Attack: 2875
Defense: 2300
Best of All: 13% chance to deal 10% damage against Shadow Elf raids; Extra 6% damage for each Master Polymath's Head owned (MAX: 2); Extra 20% damage for each piece of Master Polymath set worn; 10% chance to discover a Shadow Fragment on hit when complete set except Helm is worn against non-Guild related Shadow Elf raids; Increases Critical Strike chance against Shadow Elf raids by 2%

Helm master polymaths

Helm master polymaths f

"There is no more versatile tool than the brain, and no more dangerous a weapon. The capacity and range of its capability is staggering, limited only by lack of discipline or opportunity." -- Master Yeddrik
Obtained By:


Part of Master Polymath Set


  • Master Polymath's Head is a part of one recipe.
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