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Master-at-Arms' Greaves Epic Boots
Raid damage: 800

Duel power: 207
Attack: 160
Defense: 160
Master-at-Arms: Chance for bonus damage; PvP Bonus: +100 power, +12 deflect

Boots master at arms
X. Jantar the Japer, the local jester, caught sight of Isolde as she strode up and down the main thoroughfare of her town -- boasting to the men and women there assembled that she had brought honor to them all with her victory. The jester thought to mock her severity, and did so by hurling a custard pie at Isolde's face. He did not know that Isolde bore a terrible family curse, which caused those of her blood to perish when defiled by custard. So she died, and Jantar was lauded as the new champion of martial skill.
Obtained By:

Crafting: Man-at-Arm's Greaves with Pragmatic Relic

Additional Info:

Can be upgraded via crafting to Grandmaster-at-Arms' Greaves with Qwiladrian Power Stone

Part of Master-at-Arms' Set

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