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Marcus Special General
Legion damage: 126

Duel power: 32
Attack: 55
Defense: 40
Race human Human
Role melee Melee
Source strength Strength
Recruiter: Chance to summon a troop

Marcus v2


A skilled swordsman, fearless in his pursuit of justice and defense of the weak, Marcus quickly rose up the ranks of Fallows' guards. As a captain he proved an excellent leader of men, and many recruits joined just to serve under him.
Obtained By:

Marcus can be obtained by questing in 'Silencing the Sentries', the first quest in Dragon's Camp, the fourth area of Fallows.

Additional Info:

Web VersionRecipe

  • Marcus is a part of one recipe.

Mobile Version Recipe

  • Marcus is a part of one recipe.
Marcus Generals
Marcus v2
Guard captain ring
Marcus v2
Shield night watchman
  1. note: this list is probably not 100% accurate, as it's copied from Marcus2, but most of it CAN be summonned by Marcus 1; I'm mostly unsure about Music Golem, Ottosorden Knight and Eldritch Blade
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