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Many Faces Helmet Epic Helm
Raid damage: 4000

Duel power: 483
Attack: 850
Defense: 600
Perception: 400
Dissociation: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each piece of Many Faces set equipped; Extra damage against Magical Creature raids; Extra damage against Nightmare Queen raids; Extra damage against Nightmare Queen raids if Battle-Scarred set is owned

Helm many faces

Helm many faces f

"Woman, I cannot give you my nose, for I need it to smell the dinner my mother is preparing. But see here, in my basket I have truffles I bring as a gift to my mother. She would wish you to have them, that you might be as happy as I am to visit my old mother again."

The woman agreed, and thanked the traveler, and he gave her the truffles and went on his way. It was still a fine day, and he sang as he walked on.

And it was as he was singing and walking that he saw a minstrel standing along the side of the road strumming a lute.

Obtained By:

Dealing 50b damage to The Nightmare Queen (World Raid)

Part of Many Faces Set
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