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Malory Mayhem General
Legion damage: 24360

Duel power: 6300
Attack: 10500
Defense: 8400
Race human Human
Trans16 Any
Trans16 Any
Explosive Agenda: 9% chance to deal 10% damage; Extra 30% damage against Siege raids; Extra 10% damage against Siege raids if Everburning Match is owned; Extra 10% damage against Siege raids if Grand Demolitionist Emblem is owned; Gains 40 Attack and Defense for every Soldier of Mayhem owned; Increases the Attack and Defense of each Soldier of Mayhem and Mayhem's Gambit in the active legion by 50

Malory mayhem general
"There is nothing like the smell of gun powder followed by the shriek of a besieged castle to let you know you're alive. Well, assuming you're not inside the castle of course." --Malory Mayhem
Obtained By:

Planet CoinExpeditions New Item Pack April 2019


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