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Magnificent Dragonite Boots Epic Boots
Raid damage: 1250

Duel power: 257
Attack: 250
Defense: 250
Increases Honor by 30; PvP Bonus: +90 power, +12 deflect; Chance to produce a Captured War Banner when complete set worn in N'rlux the Devourer (Guild Raid)

Boots magnificent dragonite
X. "Tenebra the Shadow-Mistress was the ninth. Eight drakes had met the dragon-rider before her, and each one had perished. But she possessed powers that they did not, and so believed she would be the agent of <his/her> destruction. She visited the hero in <his/her> dreams and thought to slay <him/her> while <he/she> slumbered. Yet her mind proved no match for <his/her>. Nor did her might, when they met in the flesh. The ebon drake died in the darkness, and great was her shame when she met her kin in the underworld." -- Anonymous, Chronicles of the Second Dragon War
Obtained By:

Upgrade Glorious Dragonite Boots with 1 N'rlux's Eye

Additional Info:

N'rlux's Eye obtained using Insecticide Legion against N'rlux the Devourer (Guild Raid)

Lore text will change based on gender to match your character.

Part of Magnificent Dragonite Set

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