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Magma Stalker Lava Wolf Epic Mount
Raid damage: 26600

Duel power: 3547
Attack: 5320
Defense: 5320
Hot Hunting: 13% chance to deal 450% damage; Extra 35% damage for each piece of Magma Stalker set worn; Extra 1,190% damage against Beast raids

Magma stalker mount

As she slipped further down, she was deafened by an explosive sound and felt her body hurtling through the air until finally coming to rest against a cave wall. Still inside the creature's gullet she slowly stepped out to find pieces of the mighty worm plastered across the walls.

The organs would likely be in questionable condition, but she was mostly intact and had a giant worm corpse to carve up and sell. She breathed a sigh of relief, leaned up against a pillar to rest, only to rise again when another tremor rocked the cavern as a massive worm slipped up from underneath and greedily consumed the corpse of the worm she had slain.

Gretcha laid back and reconsidered her career as a monster hunter.

Obtained By:

Volcanic Worm (Raid)

Part of Magma Stalker set
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