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Magma Stalker Compass Ring Epic Ring
Raid damage: 20000

Duel power: 2667
Attack: 4000
Defense: 4000
Hot Hunting: 12% chance to deal 80,000 damage; Extra 40,000 damage for each piece of Magma Stalker set worn; Extra 280,000 damage against Beast raids; 5% chance to discover a Volcanic Rock on hit against non-Guild Beast raids when full set is worn (excluding Helmet, Mount and Ring)

Magma stalker ring

She reached into her satchel and pulled a small, round object she had purchased from a goblin. The instructions were vague at best but it was her last option. She braced her body against the beasts throat as best she could and grabbed the lighter from her pouch and as she began to slide downward she quickly lit the wick of the object. She threw it as hard as she could into the creature's stomach and tried to find a foothold.

Obtained By:

Volcanic Worm (Raid)

Part of Magma Stalker set
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